Essence and Manifestations

The essence of our existence is to realize we are the servants of God. A servant is one who is subordinate to his master. The loftier and grander the master, the higher the position of the servant, therefore to be the servant of the Master of all masters and of the entire universe is to hold a position higher than any position that could be granted by a mere creature.

To realize your identity as a servant of God is to realize the honor bestowed upon you in God’s Will to create you.  It is to submit only to Him, to feel fear of, love for, gratitude toward, dependence upon and seek help from: only Him.

To realize your identity as a servant of God is to free yourself from the shackles of servitude to any other human, to shaytan or to your whims and desires.

To realize your identity as a servant of God manifests itself in every facet of your life. Your every role, duty or privilege acquires a different appearance from this vantage point – one that reflects its reality.

As a daughter, wife or mother your main concern is to please your Creator. You enjoy all the pleasures of a particular role and feel all its difficulties, but you never lose track of what it is all about: serving and pleasing your Lord; a feeling that cloaks you in peace and tempers extreme emotions or shortens their hold upon you.

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Essence Manifestations
As a Servant of God As a Daughter
As a Wife
As a Mother
As a Home-Guardian
As a Da’iya


A Message of Peace

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