Ramadan for Children

Ramadan should be a very special month for children, where they learn about worship and gaining closeness to God.

There are many ways to involve and encourage children during Ramadan.  One idea is to use a Ramadan calendar, and another is to share stories of other children. It works much like an advent calendar, in that they uncover one day at a time.  For the cover sheet, you can use something like this and under it would be a calendar like this.  You would want the boxes on the top page to align to the calendar boxes behind it.  Then, you cut the top page boxes on 3 sides so they can be lift-up flaps.  You can also number the top flaps with the corresponding day of Ramadan.  The child will lift one flap each day.


Too Young to Fast:

A series of stories about children from around the world who learn to participate in Ramadan even while not fasting.


Hana from Syria

Safiya from America

Ahmad from Pakistan

Fatima from Malaysia

 Hadia from Mauritania

Ameer from America