Ameer from America

Ameer Parker

My name is Ameer Parker. My Daddy takes me to Juma sometimes and my Momma takes me to Sunday classes at the Masjid. Sometimes I get sad that we don’t have a Christmas tree like Grandma K. Sometimes I wish I could go trick o’ treating with my cousins. Sometimes I feel we Muslims don’t have lots of special holidays. But now we have a whole month that is special, it’s called Ramadan.

Sometimes Momma has a headache and Yaseen and I have to be so quiet. Sometimes Daddy comes home tired and we have to be careful we don’t get him mad. But mostly Ramadan is really special and it’s like all the holidays rolled up into one.

You know what I like about Ramadan? I like suhoor! Waking up at night to eat and watching my older brother doze off into his food.

I like Quran time! Memorizing and reviewing Surahs so I can catch up with my brother – and may be beat him, too!

You know what I like doing in Ramadan? I like shopping because I get to pick my favorite dessert almost every day.

I like opening my bank. My mother and I count all my money and give some of it to the people that need it more than me.

I like having friends over for iftar and moving all the furniture around so that there is room for all of us to pray taraweeh.

I like quiet time. I like to read about when all the different Muslims around the world are making their iftar.

I like going to the masjid at night for taraweeh and meeting my friends when it is way past our bedtime and getting ice cream on the way home when I’ve been good.

I like to think about all the good deeds we get inshaAllah by being good , not fighting or arguing and fasting in Ramadan.

You know what I really like about Ramadan?

When I’ve made it through the whole day, and I say, ‘Thank you Allah for helping me and it’s time to EAT!

But you know what I really love about Ramadan?

The praying and the laughing and the games and the visiting and the picnicking and the new clothes and the happiness that happens every Eid – because people are so happy that God has given them one more Ramadan and has helped them fast and pray and read Quran again!