As a Servant of God

Steps toward servant-hood:

to gain knowledge of who God is, is to acquire the:

“Oneness Window”

One Creator

One Planner/Designer

One All-Powerful and In-Control of the universe

One to turn to, worship and ask of

One to thank and enjoy the blessings of

the delicate balance of love and fear

the obligatory, the sunnah and the nafl; plus being of service to others

to nurture the closeness with extra actions, to forego anything that might not please Him

to avoid what weakens the bond and take steps toward taqwa

Characteristics of women with a clear understanding of this role:

“I am important. My self-esteem is divinely endowed.”

“I do not feel the need to prove myself to anyone.”

“I receive strength from this constant role that grounds me.”

“I do not wait for mortal assignments. I am not a hollow decoration.”

“I am free to feel and act like the woman I am without apology.”

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