As a Home-Guardian

Prophet Muhammad (saw) says:

Each of you is a guardian and responsible for what he is appointed guardian over…….and a woman is guardian over her husband’s house and she is responsible for her guardianship…

There are three aspects to accomplishing your responsibility for the home.

1First, its physical cleanliness which means clean and tahir (pure). It is mentioned that the Angel Jibreel used to descend upon the Prophet (saw) only in the house of Aisha because of its pristine cleanliness. A house that is tahir is a house that has angels. Although cleaning is not a woman’s duty,
having a clean house is. So whether she cleans herself, shares the duties with her husband, or outsources, it is her responsibility to supervise and ensure it is clean. Each family has different dynamics, but a house cleaned by its owners has a different feel to it than one cleaned solely by others.
2Second, its emotional ambience of support, renewal and comfortable communication for all its members.  A woman is in charge of the emotional environment of a home.
3Third, its spiritual program. Allah (swt) says, “In homes wherein the name of God is mentioned….” Prophet Muhammad (saw) says, “Beware of the hollow empty ones…” and he says, “Do not make your homes graveyards….” Although members of a family can and should have their individual acts of worship, yet a family program is important, too.