As a Mother


We all want to do what is best for our children. Our own upbringing, society around us, and the latest theories of specialists in every field all affect how we raise our children. As Muslim mothers, we experience much soul searching in caring for our children. Their everyday behavior, their spiritual development and their near and distant future, all are of utmost importance to us. To fulfill this at times daunting task, we need the following:

A clear ideaA clear idea

of what Allah wants of us in this role. 

A good graspA good grasp

of the fard ayn* knowledge of Islam.

*this is the body of knowledge that is mandatory for each Muslim to acquire

A familiarity withA familiarity with

the developmental stages of growth: spiritual, emotional, cognitive, social and physical.

A continuous turningA continuous turning

to Allah asking for His help and guidance concerning this role.

A clear courseA clear course

of action to rely on in times of difficulty.

It goes without sayingIt goes without saying

that patience, enjoyment, planning, watchfulness, maturity and lightheartedness are needed, as well. These are usually embedded in the very makeup of motherhood and are outward expressions of love.