Heedful Parenting

Importance of heedful parenting from the earliest years:

Research shows that our genes and environment both are factors of influence on character. One’s character can be polished, disciplined and refined and habits formed early in life can help or hinder a person along the path.
As parents we must know that some of our child’s talents and gifts are best maximized within a short window of opportunity, and that some are developed in a more gradual manner. The time-sensitive nature of certain aspects of character development shed light on the importance of the early years in child rearing.

Character is King. Many people miss the meaning of the hadith, “Marry and increase in numbers, for verily I will proudly present you to people”. Some believe the hadith is simply encouragement for having many children. They miss the words ‘proudly present’. The Prophet actually wants to be proud to present us! He wants us to produce people of excellent quality and a high caliber who will be worthy of presentation.

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The Prophet, peace be upon him, warned us of becoming mere numbers and said, “… there may be a day when… you will be great in number, but you will be as the froth and foam of water.” Froth is plenty and wide-spread upon the ocean, but it is weak, constantly mutable, and changes with every crashing wave. Instead, our children should be like the parable of the tree, with roots strong and branches reaching upward and outward, laden with fruit.


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