Human Nature

The intermingling of the facets of human nature:

In order to observe and study the different aspects of human nature, modern scientists have focused on and sub-specialized in all facets of the human experience. This specialization has often resulted in an unnatural tunneling-off of information, with each discipline in its own echo chamber. The result is a disjointed approach to the human experience.
Muslim healers realized the interdependence and connection of all facets of the human experience from early on. Hospitals in the Muslim world had physicians working side by side with spiritual guides, nutritionists, and musicians in a place filled with the beauty of nature. Furthermore, the service was free, and when the patient left they were given money to cover expenses for three days!
We can take this analogy and apply it to our work as parents. Our children need spiritual guidance, proper nutrition, an appreciation of beauty, a love of nature and finally they must leave our care fully equipped with their physical, mental and spiritual health intact. And of course, as loving parents, we will provide some pocket money and be a place of refuge from the difficult road.


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