32. One Day…

Remember when baby Muhammad (s) was born, how the room seemed filled with light? How the stars seemed close enough to touch, as though they were trying to get a glimpse? Remember how just before he became a prophet, rocks and trees would greet him with, “Peace be upon you, Oh Messenger of God”? Remember how Yathrib’s name was changed to al-Medina al-Munawara (The Lit-up City) because it appeared full of light when he arrived? And now…now there was a darkness and sadness that fell upon the City like a heavy blanket of despair. Sayida Aisha says that as soon as the believers had dusted their hands from filling the Messenger’s grave, they did not recognize their hearts. “We were like lost sheep on a rainy night.” There was so much to miss, and so much to yearn for.

Remember Barakah, Um Ayman, who tended baby Muhammad (s) when she was a child, took care of him after his mother died, and lived with him after he got married? When Prophet Muhammad (s) died, she cried bitterly. Umar and Abu Bakr tried to console her, “Don’t you know that he is with his Lord, now?” “That is not why I am crying,” she said. “I cry that this is the end of any messages coming down to us from Allah. Jibreel will no longer visit us as before.” Indeed, the sky seemed like a metal ceiling closing people in. Her words started the two men weeping.

He was the gentlest and kindest person. Remember how Zaid chose to stay with him rather than to go back to his parents? When a little boy’s pet died, Prophet Muhammad (s) asked about it. When some companions took baby birds out of a nest to bring to their children, he insisted they be returned to the nest for their mother’s sake. 

He was the bravest and strongest person. When the battle would get fierce, the believers said they would hide behind him. When the strongest man in Mecca wrestled him, he beat him three times. Remember when a boulder proved too hard for the companions, how it was he who smashed it?

He was humble. He said to a man who trembled when he met him, “Relax, I am but a man whose mother used to eat dried meat in Mecca.” He served himself and helped in all house-hold chores. When dividing tasks amongst each other at a camp, he announced that he would collect the wood for the fire. 

And he was loved. He was so loved. Men and women loved him. Children and babies loved him. Animals and plants loved him. Trees and rocks loved him. The stars in the sky loved him. The angels and the prophets loved him. Thowban, his servant, grew pale when he did not see him all day and said, “I can’t bear to be away from you for a day, how will I bear Jannah where you will be with the Prophets and I cannot be with you?” The Prophet (s) said, “A person is with whom he loves.” When the Muslims heard this they were never seen happier nor more overjoyed. He was loved. Most importantly, he was loved by Allah. Allah chose him to be the last prophet, and Allah praised him. Allah praised his sight, his heart, his character, his mind, his mercy. Allah took him on a trip across the earth and upwards into Heaven to comfort him. Allah swore in the Quran by the Prophet’s (s) life and no one else’s.

And so, must we love him. We must love him because Allah loves him. And we must love him for all he did for us. He suffered pain and harm to spread Islam. He suffered hardship and attack to teach us how to worship and please our Creator. And he knew about us and longed for us! He called us his brothers and sisters and knew we would be born and that we would believe in him without ever seeing him. He cried as he mentioned us and longed to meet us.

And so, must we obey him. We must follow his sunna. We must say salawat upon him. And we must live by his teachings and follow his example. If we do so, our lives will be happier, the world will be a better place, and he will recognize us on the Day of Judgement. And what a wonderful meeting that would be!

One day you will be able to read the seerah books on your own and learn more about his life. One day you will find you are so attached to him that you looong to meet him.

One day you will meet him and he will recognize you by your shining forehead, arms, and feet from wudu. And perhaps on that day he will offer you a drink from his hand. And perhaps then you will feel happiness like none you have felt before.

May we meet there with all whom we love. May we follow him into Jannah. May we be of those with whom Allah is pleased.