The Wedding Song

A New Door

A new door tonight has opened
For me may it become a token
Of my commitment to Your path
Of my avoidance of Your wra~th
A new dawn tonight has broken
For me may it become a token
Of my resolve and constancy
A chance to prove my loyalty
May you become to his heart, pleasure
May you be coolness to his eyes
May your love be deep for each other
Islam the strongest of your ties
May your support make him feel tall
The greatest in your eyes of all
May his gentleness and his kindness
Surround and warm your very soul
Blessings shower upon the newly wed
Health and happiness come crown their head
Those who love come close
Those who envy stay away
Tonight we plan to celebrate
Tonight we plan to celebrate
And I feel scared will I prove worthy
Of this new chance and act my part
A road to Heaven or to misery
Within my reach for me to sta~rt
My thoughts awhirl with hopes and dreams
I think I’ll learn what ‘selfless’ means
The force behind my family-to-be
Help me Allah my life to chart
May the years just bring you closer
May all your hardships come with ease
May you remain in his eyes wondrous
May your respect for him increase
May your children and theirs surround you
And fill your hearts with joy and peace
You will’ve started a chain of people
Whose lives praise Allah without cease!


3 responses to “The Wedding Song”

  1. susan vincent

    Bismillah-this is for a dear sister who got married yesterday in Bristol- Alhumdulillahi Rabeeaalameen. I ask Allah swt to shower them with His continued blessings patience and rahmah.Ameen.

  2. Beautiful, alhumdulilah.

  3. What a lovely poem.

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