On Seizing the Last Moments of Ramadan

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 The amazing opportunity of Ramadan is quickly slipping through our fingers; this is not the time to cry over the days that have passed. It is not too late and every second can be made to count. Here is a partial list of ways to make use of the incredible spiritual phenomenon called Ramadan:


1) Maximize doing those deeds that are unique to Ramadan and can be only done in this month: taraweeh, iftar sa’im (breaking the fast of the fasting), qiyam (nightly prayer) and seeking the night of Qadr.


2) Turn in every spare moment to Quran for this is the month of Quran, and Quran is a banquet. Partake of its feast by reading, memorizing, reading the explanation of and most importantly reflecting upon.


3) This is the month of empathy when the feeling of goodwill towards all, should spill over to generosity in words, actions and giving to: your relatives, friends, neighbors and total strangers. Give in to the feeling and act upon it.


4) It follows that this is the month in which Allah makes it easy for you to forgive and forget and free yourself of ugly feelings and grudges. Let Ramadan rinse out your heart of all emotions that muddy the waters of your heart thus making it impossible for you to reflect the noor and barakah of this month.


5) Take advantage of the most fantastical fantasy come true: answered prayers! Just before iftar begin your session of dua’ and continue till after breaking your fast. Maybe you have used up your chance at wishes coming true in the past days on everyday common matters. For the days left make dua primarily for your Iman. Turn in burning fervor to Allah asking him to show you what is right as right and to allow you to follow it; and to show you what is wrong as wrong and to allow you to avoid it. Ask for steadfastness as well.

I plead with you to do so in the remaining days. Times are such that as Muslims we are bombarded with so much hurt from Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Madness seeks to prevail and sadly it has seeped through the cracks of our Iman spreading poison into our system. Never before have the given principles of Islam been so attested and attacked. Never before have so many sincere and religious Muslims been so confused and disillusioned. Dua at iftar in Ramadan can break through the layers of doubt and disorientation. Make dua that Allah cure the eyes of your heart, the judgment of your heart and then grant you the needed self-discipline to heed your guided heart.


6) Pay your fitra with your heart atremble, ‘has my Ramadan been accepted?’


7) Remember eid is not about you celebrating and joining the festivities of your community. Seek out now and make a list of those who have no family, no means of celebration or no access to a community; make it your job to bring joy to all especially the children.

May this Eid bring a healing to the broken Muslim hearts all over the world, a new sense of clarity and a renewed drive to reach out to our fellow mortals in help and care – ameen.


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  1. Thank you for this timely action plan that helps prioritize my thoughts during these last days. ️Jazakallahkhair for sharing your time and wisdom with us. <3

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