minaret blue sky

Early dawn flush with excitement
Rushed showers
Children’s eyes now lit with wonder
Voices hushed in awe at splendor
To the background of takbeer


The eager struggle with new clothes,
Brand new shoes,
Buttons, buckles and berets
Snapping price tags, peeling stickers
To the background of takbeer


Children’s glee at crisp new bank notes
Gift wrap rustle
Parents’ pleasure in tea or coffee
Filling bags with toys and candy
To the background of takbeer


Ride or walk to masjid quickly
Beat sun’s rays
Children drinking in the reverence
Join the joyous words of praise
Now part of the melodic takbeer


Grownups feel a twinge of sorrow
Missing fasting
Nerves are taut with expectation
Whirling thoughts and strong emotions
Against a background of takbeer


“Was our fasting month accepted?”
“Prize today?”
“Are tears caused by angels’ greetings,
Or fear of some discarded deeds?”
Now the ending of takbeer


In silent lines all rise to pray
Feel our strength!
Taste the flavor of the Ummah!
Sense your chest with pride, expand!
Echo the Imam’s takbeer


Now the greeting and the kissing
Smiles and hugs
The satisfaction of completion
Visit cousins, aunts and elders
The mind continuing takbeer


Children giggling at fun rides
Gatherings with food and laughter
Feeling cared for and connected
The heart is filled with takbeer


Even those missing loved ones
‘Altered Eid’
Even those away from home
Even if this Eid is different
Bequeathed to each Ramadan partaker
A crisp, surprising, slice of joy!




One response to “Eid”

  1. “Grownups feel a twinge of sorrow missing fasting…against a background of takbeer”. Indeed Ramadan and its bounty are sorely missed. Allahumma balighna Ramadan, inshaAllah!
    Thank you Anse. May our children and families find joy in Eid, no matter where life finds them. May we all find ourselves in abodes of peace, safety, and security. Ameen!

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