Category: Poetry

  • Eid


          Early dawn flush with excitement Rushed showers Children’s eyes now lit with wonder Voices hushed in awe at splendor To the background of takbeer   The eager struggle with new clothes, Brand new shoes, Buttons, buckles and berets Snapping price tags, peeling stickers To the background of takbeer

  • Impossible Recompense

    Impossible Recompense

    [blockquote]“Verily we can never recompense Him”[/blockquote] Gentle, enveloping me in warmth. Wholesome, nourishing my thoughts. Airy, filling my eyes with light. Scented, wafting through my head. Lifting Intoxicating Filling Overwhelming Your care vibrates in my life leaves me gift-struck, stunned and staggered capable of everything – feeling anything’s within my power except for the skill…

  • Taking Stock

    Taking Stock

    Everyday I must take stock Of all the ease embedded in my troubles   Of all the tiny gifts that glint and sparkle Like sunlight on the rippling water of my day   Of the sudden relief At once incredible and inexplicable

  • New Day

    New Day

    Daily Gift Gently I pull at the ribbon of each day Gingerly I undo its wrapping Cautiously I explore –still in bed, eyes unopened- The undiscovered reaches of its span My thoughts feel out its full-of-promise corners This present, ethereal, yet absolutely mine Untouched, untainted, awaiting my design    

  • Unseen Blessings

    Unseen Blessings

    Layer Upon layer Upon layer Upon layer Of Your blessings Like a cloak cover my head and shoulders