Taking Stock

Everyday I must take stock
Of all the ease embedded in my troubles


Of all the tiny gifts that glint and sparkle
Like sunlight on the rippling water of my day


Of the sudden relief
At once incredible and inexplicable
Those loved ones You gave back to me
The health and comfort returned to me
The layers of blessings that cloak me
The peace and wealth enveloping me
The niche of safety in which You place me
The miracles, the miracles, the miracles


Each day, each hour, each minute
Real as rocks and trees and birds
Hidden as nectar, air and gems
Near-misses, cures, respites and recoverings


Your ability to change my thoughts, my mood, my heart
For the better
-To what I don’t deserve


And still there are the miracles
Too wondrous and magnificent
To allow their frequency
To accustom me to their marvel


Each day I try to calculate all my blessings
To figure out how to show my gratitude
-Until I realize
That both ‘to see and to want to thank’
Are blessings, too.


2 responses to “Taking Stock”

  1. “Real as rocks and trees and birds

    Hidden as nectar, air and gems”

    hidden as nectar…air… and gems- that is a beautiful thought upon which to close my eyes, smile, and reflect. Thank you for sharing it Anse. Love.

    1. Nour Zarka

      Facinating how many are the blessing that we have & wedon’t relaize because we got use to them.
      Your words brought me back to the day we had turkey at khalt Tamara & we disscused and each one of us talked about three of the blessing that Allah granted us with 🙂
      Thank you my dearest Khale

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