Welcome to Peacespective, an oasis of peace; changing women’s perspective and bringing tranquility to their hearts and lives. Peacespective seeks to ground women in their one continuous identity as servants of God, allowing them to gain the competence, command and confidence required for accessing peace on their own.
As women, most of the responsibilities we shoulder have to do with relationships. This can be rewarding to the point of exhilaration but can also be draining. In a different time, many occasions would rise for women of different ages to meet, talk, listen and give each other support. In a different place, a teacher, farther along this path, who understood what it is like to be a woman of religion, might be available to offer upbringing and help. Practicing Muslim women today lack this advantage. We live in societies that bombard us with values that are not ours, assure us that their opinions are the correct ones, and alienate us from our true selves. Unfortunately, even some Muslim communities can pressure us to lose ourselves in humiliating submissiveness or angry bitterness impairing our sense of self.
Peacespective aims to embolden Muslim women by providing a deeper understanding of tawheed, to bring ease to their lives with practical tips for the many roles they carry, and finally to enable them through a new perspective to quickly regain their sense of peace.



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The Essence and Manifestations Thereof




 As a Servant of God

The essence of our existence is to realize we are the servants of God. A servant is one who is subordinate to his master. The loftier and grander the master, the higher the position of the servant, therefore to be the servant of the Master of all masters and of the entire universe is to hold a position higher than any position that could be granted by a mere creature.  Read more from Essence and Manifestations…






 As a Daughter
 As a Wife
 As a Mother
 As a Home-Guardian
 As a Da’iya